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 1. Strictly follow the national security product standard.
2. Suitable for the entrances and exits of office, factory, hotel, school, etc.
3. Adopting the Energy-saving fingerprint sensor and power management function, makes the product perfect.
4. High precision optical total reflection fingerprint head.
5. With 2.4inch TFT screen (65000 high-definition true color screen).
6. USB Flash Drive Download + USB Communication.
7. No need software, free database easy to use.
8. The latest T9 input method, input the name to fingerprint device directly.
9. Dry and wet fingers can be 360 degreen recognized, the recognition speed is less than 0.5 seconds.
10. Can export a EXCEL report.

LFace10 is a fully upgraded version of the near-infrared facial recognition device KF10.

It enhances identification performance with speedy recognition and is equipped with the ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition against almost all types of fake photos and videos attack, improving security performance in all aspects.

The LFace10 is also supported with the SSR report function, convenient for users to arrange shifts and view their Attendance Reports.

LX17,with SSR report (Self-Service-Recorder) stored in the time clock, which is applicable to small chain stores. Employee’s infomation can be redacted in excel format. Also it is standard with USB Host and USB Client, smart shape design, especially with 2.8 inches TFT display, vivid interface for fingerprint image quality and verification result etc

RFID Hotel Lock American standard mortise with 5 latches Advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology Professional hotel lock management software


IN01-A is a fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with built-in 2000 mAh backup battery which can eliminate the trouble of power failure.

The 3" TFT screen can display more information vividly including fingerprint image quality and verification result, etc.

EFace10 is a touchless facial identification terminal featuring ZKTeco's innovative Visible Light Facial Recognition technology. With the latest algorithm and Visible Light facial recognition technologies, the device will automatically perform recognition for a target in a long distance when it detects a human face in the detection distance to deliver better recognition quality in terms of speed and accuracy than the previous near-infrared facial recognition terminals.

RFID Hotel Lock American standard mortise with 5 latches Advanced 13.56mhz IC-1 card technology Professional hotel lock management software

HBL400 is designed as a multi-biometric automatic video smart lock. It could unlock and lock itself. It is compatible with USmart Go, an application designed for home automation. Users could enjoy remote control and online real-time monitoring when connecting the smart lock to the Wi-Fi network.

MB460 is an innovative product featured with ZK advanced fingerprint and face recognition technologies.

It supports multiple verification methods including face, fingerprint, card, password, combinations between them and basic access control functions.

User verification is performed in less than 1 second, which streamlines the process of access.

The communication between the MB460 and PC is by TCP / IP or USB interface for manual data transfer.

Its sleek design fits perfectly in any environment.